Allegiance is a Black Metal band started in 2015. Originally from Toulouse, France, Asgorn (Lead Vocals/Guitars) gathers Bèr (Guitars), Alakihel (Bass-Guitar/Backing Vocals), Obscurisis (Drums) and Delok (Keys/Backing Vocals) during the winter of the year 2015 in order to complete the band. The band records its first auto-produced demo untilted: « As The Entity Did Rise » the following spring at the Silent Ruins Studios.
The band offers a melodic Black Metal, following the codes Norwegians classics created, especially Emperor. Seeking a label to work with, the band found in BlackWood Productions a strong ally to produce the demo in a cassette tape format. After a first run of shows in the South-West of France, Allegiance is in search of other horizons to spread its words.
For now, an upcoming album is in the works for a potential release in 2018.

Allegiance is now again in quest for a label to work with the band which longs to play and promote the Emperial Black Metal genre.