Allegiance is an Emperial Black Metal from Toulouse, France.

Asgorn (Guitar / vocals) hires Bér (Guitar), Alakihel (Bass guitar), Obscurisis (Drums) and Delok (Keyboards) during winter 2015.

Soon, the band records its 1st demo « As The Entity Did Rise » during the next spring.Recorded at Asgorn’s Silent Ruins Studio (he also realizes the mix and mastering job) and at Raphaël Henry’s Echoes Studio.

The bands plays the demo live during several gigs, in particular during one opening for Negura Bunget (Roumania) in Bordeaux, France.

Bér decides to quit the in july 2017 in order to focus on his other band Heir, and his replaced by  Haeretic at the rhythm guitar.

End 2017, the band starts the recording of its 1st full-length album « Beyond the Black Wave », still at Silent Ruins Studio and at Dismalsound Studio (for drums recording). The mix is done by Asgorn and the mastering by Pierre-Yves Marani from Ubik Mastering.

Alakhihel and Delok quit the band mid-2018 for personal reasons.

Judas, from Black March, handles the bass for several month, then Shavo becomes the new official bass player in Allegiance.

Allegiance offers a powerful and melodic Black Metal, respecting the codes set by cult Norvegian bands, especially by Emperor, with the will to bring its own style and personality.