Good day,

today is a day to remember.

As you can see, we have a website and we hope you find it pleasant. Here are all the information about us.

The History section presents Allegiance and ourselves, the hands to serve.

Discography section presents, of course, all of our releases.

In Media section, you will be able to see photos, whether it will be the ones for promotion or the ones from the gigs. And, who knows, maybe some misc stuff.

You can contact us in the section of the same name, and you can download our EPK (English+French versions).

Finally, the Merch section is where to buy our CDs, Clothes, etc etc… By the way, all orders shall be made manually, check the page « how to order » on our webshop for more details.


Please, note that we will do our best to keep the website updated, but some mistakes may occur, so if you detect a  bug or something suspicious, please, send us a message about it.

Have an epic journey,

Long Live The Emperor

– Allegiance –